The ERB Vision: Wellness Wins and Brings on Economic Recovery!!

Welcome to the “Wheat Free, Disease Free ??” Website!  

 This educational material has been collected and prepared by The Educational Research Blog (The ERB).  “To educate and inform is the greatest gift you can offer” Billie Jay Sahley, PhD, 2002.

In 1996 Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo published his book entitled Eat Right 4 Your Type ( G.P. Putnam’s Sons, N.Y.)  in which he described the wheat plant’s defense genes found in white/wheat breads, pastas, and pizzas that attack human organs and tissues.  In 1998, following the admonition of this author, several members of The ERB began consuming a wheat free diet to avoid ingestion of these harmful defense genes. The improvement and/or elimination of a plethora of diseasesuch as asthma, GERD, sinus infections, strep throat, and arthritis among these members has been astounding.

To present the results of this 13 year study, we follow the Open Science leadership of Mr. Paul Allen and the Allen Institute for Brain Science (Wall Street Journal, November 30, 2011) in making Case Studies and Discussions available to all investigators free of charge at

By publishing, we hope to inform and educate, thereby providing the patient and their health care providers  with new tools to promote wellness.  Dr. Frank I. Luntz in his book entitled WIN (The Word Doctors, 2011),  discussed “wellness” and how “people want the freedom to be in control.”  He said that “…people deserve – and increasingly demand – the right solutions and the right language to help them see a better tomorrow.”  “The best days ….. lie ahead.”

With Open Science and the accessibility of the Internet, an uncontainable breakthrough is unfolding.  We call it Wellness 2020.  Investigators around the world are educating themselves on suitable blood type foods, green diets, organic foods, grassfed cows, algaefed fish, and ancient grains.  Insurance companies are focusing financial incentives on primary and preventative care.  Dr. Sidney Ontai spoke on Reach MD.  He could barely contain his exuberance as he discussed a plant diet that practically eliminated 12 cases of diabetes.  He’s 12 for 12!  Dr. James Watson (Watson & Crick, Nobel Prize 1962 – DNA double helix) described on Reach MD  his excitement about using biochemistry to thwart disease. He knows the wonders that await us.  Dr. Billie Jay Sahley challenges us to improve neurological health through her books about amino acids and neurotransmitters.  The wellness breakthrough is uncontainable.

As 2020 approaches, scientific coursework will be more accessible.  Simple laboratory tests will measure and adjust nutrient levels from home.  Healthier food will be produced. Consumption of wheat products with powerful engineered defense genes will decline.  Ingestion of ancient grains with weaker defense systems, organic foods, and supplements will increaseWe expect the result to be a reduction in clinical disease.  Preventative medicine will be based upon the maintenance of individual appropriate nutrient levels.  Clinical Nutrition will move to the forefront.

Research will become more individually oriented and involve testing groups of nutrients designed to fortify a physiological system.  For example, fish oil, protein, and B complex will be examined as a unit to determine their effect on improving brain function.  Enormous amounts of treatment data will be formulated and evaluated.  The challenge will be  to organize and repackage this data in a manner suitable to promote wellness.

With new developments will come the Age of Personal Medicine, one in which health care providers educate and strategize with their patients as never before.  Medical costs will decreaseThe Age of Personal Medicine should bring a surprise economic stimulus, much like the Machine Age of the early 1900s and the Information Age of the 1990s, giving the U.S. Government an unprecedented opportunity to balance the budget and reduce the national debt.  Investor John Thomas said that a cure for cancer may stimulate the U.S. economy by three trillion dollars.  What then  might be the economic stimulus generated for curing a plethora of diseases?

We’d like to find out!  We hope that you will join us in the exploration.  

The excitement is now!


The Educational Research Blog                                                              08-11-12

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 Photograph:  A Sacramento, California neighborhood on Thanksgiving Day.

Disclaimer:  The ERB is a literature research team presenting the findings of other researchers. The ERB is not licensed medical nor dietary clinicians and will not give medical nor dietary advice.   Any information presented on this website should not be substituted for the advice of a licensed physician, pharmacist, or nutritionist.  Users of this website accept the sole responsibility to conduct their own due diligence on topics presented and to consult licensed medical professionals to review this material.  We make no warranties or representations on the information presented and should users utilize this research without consulting a professional, they assume all responsibility for their actions and the consequences.


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