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The E.R.B. First Aid Kit

On the lighter side we post this month about the contents of The E.R.B. First Aid Kit.  To start, we purchased a Burgundy Flambeau Outdoors fishing tackle box from Walmart for under $10.  This box will tackle some hefty banging around and the layered trays are perfect for small bottles.  You will find our first aid kid tackle box is equipped differently than most.  We found our local pharmacists to be important resources in stocking our first aid boxes. If we run into questions, we will be back to ask questions.  Here’s what we accumulated:

Top tray:

Advil (ibuprofen 200mg)

Allergy – Antihistamine (diphenhydramine hydrochloride 25mg)

* Some non-drowsy antihistamines contain pseudo-ephedrine or it can be purchased separately.

Bayer aspirin (325mg) for headaches, etc. and accidental gluten ingestion

Probiotic Acidophilis for upset stomach, bad food, etc.

Second tray:

Benadryl antihistamine (now called anti-itch cream confusing it with cortisone). Look for the 2% diphenhydramine hydrochloride ingredient.  Helpful cream for bites, stings, and  plant irritants.

Triple antibiotic (yellow) tube of vaseline type ointment for cuts and scrapes to help prevent infection.

Athlete’s foot antifungal (clotrimazole 1%).  Must apply regularly and long after fungus has disappeared.  Acidophilis and yogurt consumption may help keep fungi in check.

Hydrocortisone (1%) cream tube for skin problems and joint pain.

Beta Carotene or Vitamin A for dry or irritated eyes

Anti-gas (simethicone 125mg) tablets

2- 3 inch gauze wraps

Sewing needles and tweezers for splinter removal

Bottom Tray:

A package of fabric bandaids and a roll of sticky gauze tape

An Instant Cold Pack for bumps and bruises


3×3 Gauze Pads

Hydrogen Peroxide spray bottle

Wet Wipes

Other items not shown:

Calcium Citrate chewable tablets for muscle cramps (take with lots of water)

Lysine for cold sores

Wrist blood pressure cuff

Pulse Oxidation finger clip

Flash Light

Plastic wound wrap to use for abrasions.  (One mother had success dealing with road rash wounds by soaking them in a lightly salted warm water filled tub.  Gently rubbing wound with a cloth to clean.   She covered them with antibiotic ointment and a piece of plastic wrap. Then, held the plastic in place with gauze tape. She was careful to watch for sign of infection.  A little painful but no screaming.)

The All Terrain Vehicle Dust-Free First Aid Kit:

We purchased a Plano 14 x 9 inch clear (red trim) dust-free tackle box from Walmart for under $10.  This thinner ATV version contains:

Anti-gas (simethicone 125mg) tablets

3 ounce travel bottle filled with hydrogen peroxide

Advil (200mg ibuprofen)

3- 3×3 gauze pads

Allergy-Antihistamine tablets (diphendryamine hydrochloride 25mg)

Gauze tape roll

3 inch gauze wrap

Benadryl – Antihistamine (2% diphenhydramine hydrochloride) cream

Triple antibiotic ointment

Needle and tweezers

Wet Wipes

Sunscreen tube

Stack of fabric like bandaids

Safe Travels!

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October 4, 2012

Photograph:  A special thanks to WalMart and CVS where we purchased almost everything and to their knowledgable pharmacists for their assistance.

Disclaimer:  The ERB is a literature research team presenting the findings of other researchers. The ERB is not licensed medical nor dietary clinicians and will not give medical nor dietary advice.   Any information presented on this website should not be substituted for the advice of a licensed physician or nutritionist.  Users of this website accept the sole responsibility to conduct their own due diligence on topics presented and to consult licensed medical professionals to review their material.  We make no warranties or representations on the information presented and should users utilize this research without consulting a professional, they assume all responsibility for their actions and the consequences.

Copyright 2012.  All rights reserved.

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